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An obesity expert has recommended parents enforce a no seconds policy use this link [Photo: Getty] More Dinner time. You know how it goes. Though your children will likely shun any form of vegetable, when it comes to food of the unhealthy variety they cant get enough. But doctors are warning that parents should ban their children from second helpings to protect them from becoming overweight. Obesity expert, Dr Clare Llewellyn has revealed that though children who are overweight eat just 12 extra calories at mealtimes, that tiny amount adds up to an extra 5,500 calories every month, which leads to youngsters putting on weight up to 7% quicker than other children of the same age. Dr Llewellyn, a lecturer in behavioural obesity research at University College London, said that overweight children do not necessarily Shared this eat more often, or have more junk food, but likely pile on the pounds because the portions on their plates are too large. As a result, she said parents should be strict about the amount of food their children are having on their plates and enforce a no seconds rule. View photos Could controlling portion sizes help combat obesity? [Photo: Getty] More Speaking at an obesity meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine in Central London, Dr Llewellyn said: Overweight children get 12 calories extra calories every time they eat. At this stage as a parent 12 calories is completely invisible to the naked human eye. You can intervene, she continued.

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