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UK hospitals

Increasingly, an older population, with often complex health needs, adds extra demand. But these problems are far from new. ‘Struggling at the start’ Stephanie Snow, medical historian at the University of Manchester, says staff shortages have existed since the very birth of the NHS, in 1948 – though people are often quick to label recruitment crises as Liked this one-off problems. She told the BBC: “Over the first decade in particular, the NHS expanded its specialist services rapidly and there were many new technologies on board. “All of these things led to unprecedented increases in the number of staff required. “By the time we get to the late 1960s, hospitals had to turn to mass recruitment, looking towards countries such as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka – where courses were taught in English and aligned to the UK’s General Medical Council, as a consequence of colonial rule.” Image caption Physician associates are a relatively new role within the NHS Meanwhile, Anita Charlesworth, director of Research and Economics at the think tank, the Health Foundation, argues the UK has perpetually trained lower numbers of medical Retweeted and nursing students than it needs. She said: “There is not a problem that we don’t have enough bright, young people who would meet the standards and would love to have a career in medicine and nursing. “They just can’t get a place. We have systematically trained fewer than we need.” And she suggests being able to recruit doctors and nurses from overseas has offered a “get out of jail card” for successive staff shortages. ‘Prediction problems’ Dr Mark Porter, of the doctors’ union, the British Medical Association, argues we have generally staffed a health service we can afford – rather than look at what the population needs. But he says planning for the NHS workforce of the future is not easy.

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